Course Structure

Due to COVID-19 the structure of our courses has now changed. The majority of our courses are now conducted online. Please read our Enrolment information before progressing.

How it works:

We have created a few WhatsApp groups that allow students to interact with each other. The WhatsApp group is effectively the classroom. Each group is assigned a teacher, the teacher will interact with you and give you the necessary content you need. Please note that the teacher is aware of your English abilities so the content may differ from other students in your group. As time goes on, this is more likely to happen but at first the content will most likely be identical to other students.


We understand that sometimes students struggle. For this reason, your teacher will give us feedback as to your progress. For students that are struggling you will be given even extra care. You might be asked to attend in-class sessions to help you progress. You must be willing however put in the effort.

After Covid-19

We will go back to in class sessions but the success of our online classes cannot be ignored. Based on feedback, students have felt less pressure and are enjoying learning at their own pace. The online method is less intensive but it works well for busy students. So if you work, have kids or are worried about meeting people then our online courses is definitely for you.

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