Taking Exams

LET'S BE CLEAR. We will not let you take the exam if we believe you are not ready. We have a reputation to keep and we are very protective of our name. This is a good thing because your success is our success. The reason why 98% of our students pass first time is because we thoroughly prepare you for any exam. Please read the following carefully!


Your teacher will let us know when they think you are ready. At this point we will ramp up the work. We will teach you what to expect when you go to your exam and what the examiners are looking for. Esolearn will also teach you how to recover from mistakes.


No one likes to fail but when it happens there's no need to worry. It just means you need to continue studying. This time around, we will work on the reasons why you failed and also rebuild your confidence. Failing doesn’t have to mean anything; so please push through and you will pass.


Congrats you have passed your exam! There is always more to do so welcome to the Esolearn Community. Over the years we have built a community of students that help each other grow. As a member of the community, you can use our services to help you understand life in the UK. Visit our Community Page for more information. 

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