How to pass the LIFE IN THE UK (Exam)

According to the Home Office: 93%of Exam failures are caused by a lack of preparation. 

Truth#1: Just because a native English speaker can understand you does not mean that you will pass.

Truth#2: Examiners look for grammatical and sentence structure errors. 

Truth#3: The examiner is NOT your friend and you should take the test seriously.

Truth#4: Without preparation of what to expect you are likely to FAIL.


At Esolearn we have helped countless students pass their LIFE IN THE UK exam first time. You don't have to be great at English, you just have to follow our tried and tested teaching method. The only way to pass your LIFE IN THE UK EXAM is to be prepared. Esolearn can help you pass with our industry standard courses. For more information about our LIFE IN THE UK courses:

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