Depends on the student but usually: (3-6 weeks)

Weekly study

Tailored to the student

Teaching method

Online learning or In center learning (for local learners)

Important Notice

All students get one to one training

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Course Overview

The A2 exam is designed to test your ability to speak, listen and comprehend the English language. The A2 is a mandatory requirement for anyone who is looking to extend their VISA in the UK. For this particular course, the learner should have some command of the English language. This course is designed to help fast-track learners toward the exam. The teachers at Esolearn will be more hardened with learners by tracking tonality, command and ease of language use. CALL US TODAY for the Phone Test. 

What we offer

  • A tailored course for every student.
  • Speaking and listening assessment 
  • One-to-One Preparation
  • Exam run through
  • Aftercare E.g. (Help with Visa application)

What you will receive

  • Be equipped with the all knowledge to pass the Life in the UK test;
  • Have a greater understanding, awareness, and knowledge of British history, culture, law, and your role in society;
  • Increase your ability to use the English language and be comfortable with facts, news, and up-to-date information relating to life in the UK
  • Increase your chances of passing the test and achieving your citizenship/permanent residency.