Driving Theory Preparation: Intermediate


Depends on the student but usually: (4-6 weeks)

Weekly study

Tailored to the student

Teaching method

Online learning or In center learning (for local learners)

Important Notice

All students get one to one training

For further Inquires 01582 410069

Course Overview

Driving theory preparation can be challenging for some people.  The theory is a requirement for any individual who is looking to pass their Driving Test. This course is intended to help absolute beginners get a grip on what is required in order to pass your driving theory. Esolearn will guide through UK driving Laws, rules, and regulations. We aim to give you the basic information needed to get started on your journey towards passing your theory. For this particular course particular practice makes perfect.  This course will test all that the student knows and has learned by way of practice and constant revision. Memory retention and common driving awareness are the key areas that our tutors will focus on. 

What we offer

  • An in-depth course on UK driving laws and regulations
  • Course content and online practice exams
  • Interactive/online content
  • Books about driving symbols.
  • Tricks and tips on how to retain memory
  • A detailed debriefing of what to expect in the exam
  • Feedback on improvements

What you will receive

  • Be equipped with the knowledge of how to pass your UK driving theory.
  • Have a greater understanding, awareness, and knowledge of British Laws, road etiquette, best driving practices, and road safety.
  • Increase your ability to use the drive on English roads and confident and be comfortable with your own driving abilities.
  • Increase your chances of passing the driving theory test