English Language Course


Depends on learner ability and needs

Weekly study

Tailored to the student

Teaching method

Online learning or In center learning (for local learners)

Course fee

£329 for 12 classes / £30ph afterward 

Important Notice All students get one to one training
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The One-to-One course is for people who want a course that is 100% personalized to their needs and objectives. You might be preparing for a new job role and need to rapidly improve your knowledge of professional English, you might be preparing for a presentation and want your language skills to help make it stand out. In order to help you achieve your goals, we start by talking to you about what you would like to achieve and improve on and  then we build a course around you. Using your needs prior to the start of the course, we will pair you with the most experienced trainer in your focus area. CALL US TODAY for the Phone Test. 

    What we offer

    We Provide a highly flexible and adaptable course– as your needs change, so does the course. The course will be adapted to your learning pace and style.


    • Language for presentations
    • Language for meetings
    • Language for leaders
    • Language for appraisals
    • Language for written communication (effective emails and report writing)
    • Language for marketing and advertising

    What you will receive

    • Be equipped with the all knowledge to pass English related exams
    • Have a greater understanding, awareness, and knowledge of the English language  
    • Increase your ability to use the English language and be comfortable with facts, news, and up-to-date information relating to life in the UK
    • Increase your chances of passing any test and achieving your citizenship/permanent residency.