IELTS Academic


Depends on learner ability and needs

Weekly study

Tailored to the student

Teaching method

Online learning or In center learning (for local learners)

Important Notice

All students get one to one training

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For further Inquires 01582 410069

Course Overview

IELTS Academic measures whether your level of English language proficiency is suitable for an academic environment. It reflects aspects of academic language and evaluates whether you’re ready to begin training or studying.There are two IELTS tests available – IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training. The test you choose should be based on what it is you want to do. IELTS can help you with a variety of life choices, like moving abroad, getting the job you’ve always wanted, or even just improving your English language skills. So before you book your test,  CALL US TODAY for the Phone Test. 

What we offer

  • A tailored course for every student
  • The tools and content for the English language
  • One-to-One Preparation
  • Practice test
  • Preparation you for what to expect in the ITELS Academic
  • Aftercare E.g areas to explore once passed  

What you will receive

  • You will get an objective assessment of your English language abilities.
  • You will get a certification that is widely recognized.
  • You will improve your English language skills. 
  • You will gain a better knowledge of English than you need. If you take the IELTS Academic test, you will become more familiar with the kind of language required for undergraduate or postgraduate study in English.
  • You will be motivated to study harder because you’ll have a clear goal.